Say It With Wine – DIY Coasters

Say It With Wine – DIY Coasters

Maybe it’s once a month, maybe it’s every weekend, but at one point or another, we all get the urge to pull out the craft box, make a mess, get our hands dirty, and create something beautiful to share with loved ones. It happens to us all, so next time you’re itching to have some homemade crafting fun, try making these DIY Wine Coasters.​

Here’s a how-to for creating a personalized set of your own. From favorite phrases to family photos, guests will love having someplace creative on which to set their glass.  ​​


  • Four 4 x 4 tiles (can be purchased at your local hardware or arts and crafts store) ​
  • Glue ​
  • Foam paint brush ​
  • Cork roll, cut into squares for the bottom of the 4×4 tile  ​
  • Decoupage glue​
  • 4 x 4 images, printed on card stock ​
  • Here’s a link to download our designs to print: 
  • Sealant spray or pour-on epoxy coating (for waterproofing — epoxy coating will give the coasters a high-gloss clear finish, similar to a bar top) ​​

How to put it all together: ​

  1. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, start by spreading a layer of the decoupage glue on the top of each tile. Place the images on top of the glue while it’s still wet and press firmly. Use your finger to push out any bubbles that may form under the paper. Allow to dry.​
  2. Add a layer of decoupage glue over the top and edges of the image, and smooth it over the tile. Allow to dry completely and repeat 2-3 times. ​
  3. Once the decoupage glue layers are dry, grab your regular glue and place on the cork. Glue the cork to the bottom of your tiles. ​
  4. After all the glue is completely dry, add a few top coats of sealant spray or pour-on epoxy. Allow to dry. ​
  5. Get pouring and enjoy.
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