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Roll Out the Red Carpet with Sutter Home Wine and Our Award Season Popcorn Pairings

Roll Out the Red Carpet with Sutter Home Wine and Our Award Season Popcorn Pairings

Award Season is reason enough for Sutter Home to have some voting fun of its own. So this month, with all of the award shows going on, we invite all of you to vote for your favorite Sutter Home wines by telling us which one wins the title of “Tastiest Award Show Snack.” To keep the fun going, we’re also offering up easy popcorn flavors to match our Sutter Home Cabernet And Chardonnay. These pairings make for a great treat at any award show viewing party, or an awesome snack while you watch the fortunate few films that have been nominated.

Grab your best pals and a bottle of Sutter Home Cabernet or Chardonnay and get ready to be entertained as we all anxiously await for the winners to be revealed.


Popcorn movie themed creations:

Sea Salt and Rosemary with our Sutter Home Chardonnay:

  • This savory bowl of popcorn is the winning match for our Sutter Home Chardonnay that features crisp, smooth apple flavors.

Caramel and Cabernet:

  • With the sweetness of caramel, it only feels right to nominate our Sutter Home Cabernet to be enjoy with this award show snack.


And the award goes to…


Use this cocktail to toast the winners: Pear Blanc Signature Cocktail

Sutter Home’s Mini Bottles and cake pops – Great Gifts for All on Valentine’s Day

Come on in and make yourself at home. Please just verify that you’re 21 years of age or older.

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