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Spiced Courgette and Tomato Chutney

Spiced Courgette and Tomato Chutney

Wine Varietal: Merlot

In One Hundred Names, Kitty’s friend Steve quits the job he never liked and starts working in an allotment, in his quest to ground himself and get back to his true self. This was inspired by the allotment I keep with my family, in the seaside town in the Dublin suburbs where I live. I thought it would be a fantastic way for my children to see where food actually comes from, not just from supermarket shelves and so they enjoy planting, digging, terrorizing worms and generally getting their hands dirty. Since the children were small I’ve put courgettes in their meals and we have grown the most enormous courgettes in the allotment. As a way to manage the size and quantity without wasting them, my mom makes dozens of jars of courgette chutney. She made so many variations and my favorite is the spiced chutney as we use the onions, ginger, garlic and tomatoes that we also grow. We’re still working our way through the jars…! 

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