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Sea Food Slider

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  • You need a half pound of any white fish, one third pound of shrimp, a half pound of scallops, a diced or minced onion, two eggs, a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half of mayonnaise, half a lemon, a few pinches of salt, a teaspoon of raw ginger (minced or shaved to fit the teaspoon), a pinch of black pepper, and lastly, one scallion


  • First, you need to mix all of the dry ingredients into one bowl and the wet ingredients into another. The seafood goes with the wet. After you have done that, pour the dry ingredients into the West ingridiend and kneed with hands, so the wet and dry ingredients have been fully combined. Shape the mixture in small burger patties. Put that aside and dice or mince your favorite bread. Add a pinch of black pepper, a pinch of garlic salt, and any other seasonings if you wish. Bake this at 350 degrees farenheit until the bread crumbs are crisp and hard. Then, crush all of the bread crumbs up. Wetten the patties with cooking oil so the bread crumbs can stick. Cover the patties completely with the crumbs. Turn the grill to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. As you cook it longer start to slowly turn down the heat a little bit. Grill patties until the crust of bread crumbs looks golden brown and hard. After the patties are done, take all of your toppings and buns and assemble the patties and… voila! Your patties are ready to be served.
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