Italian Fusion

Italian Fusion

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  • 6 buns, 1Poundpork, 1/2 Poundbeef, 10 Ritz crackers, 3T milk, salt, basil, 6Ounces prosciutto, 6Ounces trugole cheese, mayo, balsamic vinegar, garlic butter, butter lettuce, and tomato.


  • Mix meat with pulverized crackers, milk, and herbs.
  • Grill to rare, salt, wrap in prosciutto and return to grill.
  • Flip and add cheese to melt.
  • Meat should be medium to medium well done.
  • Grill buns hard with garlic butter browning them.
  • Add mayo to top bun and balsamic to bottom. Stack with butter lettuce, tomato, and serve.
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