Day After Panzanella

Day After Panzanella

Wine Varietal: Pinot Grigio

Late summer in Memphis is the time when everyone’s gardens come in. Zucchinis and tomatoes overwhelm countertops. At the same time, everyone is back from the beach and catching up on their entertaining, which means plenty of leftovers of roast chicken and boules and what everyone wants most is a way to eat without turning on their ovens. This Day After Panzanella takes care of all these problems with delicious ease.

Among the three cousins in THREE STORY HOUSE, Elyse is the only one who knows her way around a kitchen. Lizzie, like many athletes, equates food with fuel, while Isobel, the former child actress, sees food as the enemy. During the year they spend renovating their family’s home, Elyse manages to open her cousins’  minds to the pleasure of food and most especially the joys of a meal made entirely out of leftovers.

The cousins would have enjoyed this Day After Panzanella (which in her practical way, Elyse would describe it as a salad where croutons were a main ingredient) in late summer in the backyard, which overlooks the Mississippi River. It would be lunchtime and in their own gossipy way, they’d be discussing the events of the previous night’s  dinner party held to celebrate Isobel’s success. Tasting the salad’s rustic, earthy ingredients, each of the cousins would be reminded that simple pleasures often trump the complex.

Pan-Roasted Salmon with Maple Glaze