Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and Bananas

Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and Bananas

Wine Varietal: Bubbly Moscato

In Children of Liberty, a love story between a Sicilian immigrant and a high-society son of a wealthy Boston merchant set at the turn of the twentieth century, bananas are discovered by the people of Boston. Trade has opened up with Central America, and suddenly, through the efforts of the United Fruit Company, these exotic tropical delicacies start slowly to make their way through the homes of Beacon Hill. At first the cooks are reluctant. Anything new must be rejected. But in no time at all, the bananas become all the rage. They are used over oatmeal and grits, over pancakes and ice cream, in fruit salads and juices, they’re fried in butter and flambéed in liquor. But best of all, they’re covered in chocolate. And in the summertime in the great estates of Boston, the bananas along with the strawberries that grow abundant in the fields of New England, are served as a delectable summer dessert. 

So for a light summer gathering of your own in the garden when the breeze is warm and the lilacs have overripened, you can never have too much of the chocolate covered strawberries and bananas!

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