Put Your Stamp on the Holidays With This Wine Cork DIY Project

Put Your Stamp on the Holidays With This Wine Cork DIY Project

Cork Stamps

The perfect gift doesn’t have to cost a lot — it just has to come from the heart. And what better way to present that thoughtful, heartfelt gift than with a handcrafted card or tag custom made by you?

This holiday season, carve out a little extra time to put a special, personalized spin on everything from greeting cards and envelopes to gift tags and wrapping paper with our DIY wine cork stamps. Adding your own flair to these festive essentials is a great way to give your gifts a unique, heartfelt feel that loved ones will surely cherish. Made by whittling Sutter Home wine corks into holiday shapes, this fun family project puts everyone in the holiday spirit. Just gather your wine corks, follow our easy DIY directions, and get ready to start stamping — and spreading the holiday cheer!

You Will Need:

  • Sutter Home wine corks
  • Marker
  • Sharp craft knife
  • Ink pads


Draw an outline of the desired shape on one end of the cork in marker. Using your knife, carefully cut around the outer edge of your shape. Next, cut out the cork around the design (but not under it) starting at the edges of the cork. Once your design is complete, you can use it to stamp envelopes, gift tags, greeting cards, name cards, and more.

Bonus Tip: For an ultra-easy stamp, just use the cork as it is. Dip the circular end into the ink and stamp a circle on the paper. From here, you can draw on details with fine-tipped pens. Add stems to make an orange or apple, add stripes and a hook to make an ornament, stack a few on top each other to make a snowman, etc. The options are as endless as your creativity!

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