Play Author Hazel Gaynor’s “First and Last Lines” Game

Play Author Hazel Gaynor’s “First and Last Lines” Game

Hazel Gaynor, author of this month’s Sutter Home Book selection, A Memory of Violets, has shared a fun game for book lovers to enjoy. Here’s how to play First and Last Lines:

1. Gather a group of friends. Have each person bring their favorite book. A dozen or so books total works great for playing the game.

2. Write out the first and/or last lines from each book. 

3. Now read the lines aloud and invite guests to guess which book the line came from and whether it was the first or last line.

According to Gaynor, “It’s great fun and always throws up a few surprises. You can keep score and award prizes. Or make the game easier by displaying the books.”

Since flowers play a central role in her novel, Gaynor suggests dressing up the space where your book club gathers with some stems. “I love decorating my home with fresh flowers all year round, but especially at this time of year. Even a simple vase of tulips can really brighten a room and lend some much needed cheer during the darker evenings.”

“I hope you enjoy reading and discussing A Memory of Violets,” she adds, “and whatever you do during your book club events this month, I hope you have great fun.”

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