Planning a Spring Trip to Napa Valley

Planning a Spring Trip to Napa Valley

Now’s a wonderful time to plan a spring trip to the Napa Valley.

Stunning scenery, world-renowned wines, outdoor activities and fine cuisine — this spring, explore all that Napa Valley has to offer with a retreat to wine country. The warmer weather will be here before you know it, so start planning your getaway with our helpful guide.

Outdoor Adventures
Spring is the perfect time to visit Napa Valley, thanks to the agreeable climate of northern California. Take in the scenery in any number of ways—hiking, mountain biking, spelunking, horseback riding and more. Plus, this time of year you can see the region’s colorful mustard plants in full bloom.

Sutter Home Tasting Room
Don’t forget to stop by the Sutter Home Tasting Room, conveniently located on Highway 29, right in the heart of the Valley. Founded in 1874, Sutter Home has been telling a rich story through its award-winning wines, and has proudly been a part of the Trinchero Family since 1947. Here, you can enjoy a complimentary wine tasting, peruse the gift shop and take in the picturesque views of Napa Valley.

Divine Dining
Everyone knows that the Napa Valley is the quintessential place to enjoy all kinds of terrific wines. It’s also the place to discover all you need to know to create perfect food and wine pairings. However, what you may not know about Napa Valley is that it’s home to more than 125 restaurants, ranging from Michelin-stars to burgers joints to neighborhood bakeries to French bistros to delectable artisan food stores and beyond. You could easily dine out for months and never eat at the same place twice. One of the things we really love about the Napa Valley are all the friendly folks who take great pleasure in offering visitors expert advice on what wine to order with your dinner, and they do it in the humblest of ways.

Treat Yourself to Cab & Cupcakes

Wine and Food

Treat Yourself to Cab & Cupcakes