Peter Kim is Ready for the Judges!

Peter Kim is Ready for the Judges!

Peter says that his inspiration for creating his “Venezuelan “¡Olé!” Arepa Burgers with Crispy Chorizo, Chipotle-Queso Sauce, Caramelized Onions, and Guacamole” for Build a Better Burger was to “Build a Better relationship” (awwwww)!

He says that he’s a burgers and wine kinda guy, rather than chocolates and roses. It seems like Carolina (his Venezuelan love) is okay with that!

Judge, Daisy Martinez, says that the use of Arepa as bread is quite creative! Steve McDonagh with the Hardy Boys says that the whole burger is VERY tasty, interesting and an overall great burger.

The judges seem to be using the word “love” a lot in relation to Peter’s burgers as well as his burger inspiration (sounds pretty good, right?)

What do you think of these Venezuelan love-inspired burger creations?

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