Packing a Picnic Outside — or In!

Packing a Picnic Outside — or In!

Picnic Day


Life might not always be a picnic — but it is today! Gather your friends and family together to celebrate International Picnic Day, the ideal occasion to share food, wine and summer plans — all on one blanket. While the specific origins of this social holiday remain unknown, we do know that picnics were a way for people of the Victorian era to put formal etiquette aside and unwind. So grab your basket, and a few bottles of Sutter Home, and take it easy with these tips for outdoor and indoor picnics.

Outdoor Picnic. 

Whether you’re hosting in the comfort of your own backyard or taking the party to the park, an outdoor picnic is the perfect way to take advantage of warm summer weather. 

Prepare easy-to-eat entrees. Part of the beauty of the picnic is its casual, informal feel. Serve finger foods and other no-fuss nosh.

Bring serving trays. Having several of these on hand can help organize the hors d’oeuvres and keep your Sutter Home wine from spilling.

Don’t forget a cooler! You’ll need it to keep your Sutter Home Pinot Grigio and other varietals nicely chilled.


Indoor Picnic.

Forget rain dates! If the weather takes a turn for the worst or the temps get too hot to handle, bring the baskets inside for a laid-back take on indoor dining.

Bring the fun indoors for family and friends. Trade the lawn games for board games to keep guests entertained.

Repurpose your picnic basket. Instead of housing your dishes and utensils, use the basket as a centerpiece on your tablescape. Fill with treats or use it to display your wine options.

Make a comfy spread. You can still roll out the checkered blanket, but now you can add piles of comfy pillows and extra throws for a plush take on picnicking.

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