#MeTime: Create Your Ritual

#MeTime: Create Your Ritual

Giving yourself time to recharge, reset, and unwind will put you in a better mindset to tackle the messier parts of life. Since you’ll likely find space for more #MeTime as the sun goes down, these three steps will help ensure you get the most out of any evening you have to yourself.
Workday done? A change of clothing immediately signals a change in attitude. So go ahead, put on some pajamas, a well-worn T-shirt and stretchy pants, or whatever feels most comfortable. Even picturing this switch of outfits can help you feel more at ease!
Call us biased, but wine is made for #MeTime. Uncork a bottle of your favorite Sutter Home wine or try one you haven’t brought home before. Pour yourself a glass – it’s time to unwind!
Ready to get lost in your favorite TV show? Turn off the lights in the room before you start streaming to help block out other distractions like nearby clutter (save cleanup for tomorrow). Grab a snuggly throw for #MeTime companionship, and set a few of your favorite snacks within reach.
Looking forward to a quieter moment? Try lighting a candle (vanilla and lavender are particularly relaxing scents) and settle into your comfiest chair with a good book. Even if you’re turning pages on a tablet, getting lost in a great story gives your brain a much-needed break!
Plus, check out this advice for unwinding at night from The Better Show:

Add your own touches to these tips or create a unique ritual that’s sure to put you in a positive mood. Be sure to share your #MeTime rituals in the comments below. 

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