How to Pair This Delightful Duo: Chocolate & Wine

How to Pair This Delightful Duo: Chocolate & Wine

Romeo and Juliet. Fred and Ginger. Brad and Angelina. No famous couple compares to the perfect match that is chocolate and wine. While some may argue that chocolate’s sweet and bitter flavor profile make it difficult to pair with wine, we believe that this delightful duo was destined to be together with you . Here’s how you can play matchmaker and treat yourself and your guests to something they won’t soon forget.

Sutter Home Moscato & White Chocolate
White chocolate is versatile when it comes to wine pairings, thanks to its composition of cocoa fat rather than pure cocoa. We love it with our sweet-and-creamy Moscato.

Sutter Home Bubbly Pink Moscato & Milk Chocolate
Brut and cacao have a sordid history together, yet there is nothing more flavorful then bringing chocolate together with a sparkling fizz. Our pink bubbly is bursting with fruit, making it a sweet wine that complement’s this treat’s sugary profile. These two are the perfect couple.

Sutter Home Merlot & Dark Chocolate
In this case, two bold personalities don’t clash, they complement Merlot’s full-bodied flavors and keep up nicely to dark chocolate’s bitterness.

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