Gourmet Burgers + Wine = World’s Easiest Evening Party

Gourmet Burgers + Wine = World’s Easiest Evening Party

Trying to spice up your boring burger recipe? Check out Sutter Home’s Burgerbase….where each burger is paired with the perfect Sutter Home wine is a sure-fire way liven up your next family grilling night.

While yesterday’s custom burger might have involved some Seasoned Salt and some dried onions, these days – the sky’s the limit. And just because they’re gourmet- delicious doesn’t mean they’re gourmet hard or expensive to cook. Check it out – we’ve been farming for the best burger recipes, and using Sutter Home’s Burgerbase, you can have access to over 5,000 gourmet burger recipes. Want mushrooms? We’ve got you covered. Lamb? You bet.

Wine to complement a better burger
The right wine with your burger? You betcha. What with all the prime-beef, blue cheeses and caramelized onions, wine pairing is fun…and easy.

For the most part, big, burly burgers demand a bigger wine. Merlot wines are a safe bet. To pair according to your specific burger and topping, check out our pairing recommendations.

One notable Bugerbase submission, “9th Street Market Burgers,” described as a “fusion version of the Philly cheesesteak,” pairs perfectly with Sutter Home’s versatile and delicious Pinot Grigio.

Want to extend it and find a burger to match a particular wine? It’s super-fun on the Burgerbase. For example, if you’re looking to find a burger to complement Sutter Home’s January Wine of the Month, Zinfandel, among other recommendations you’ll find the awesome sounding “Bacon, Fig and Nut Gournay Cheese Burger.”

There really are too many options to list, and searching is half the fun, anyway. Bon appetit!

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