Give the Gift of Comfort with a Hand-Knitted Throw and Sutter Home Pinot Noir

Give the Gift of Comfort with a Hand-Knitted Throw and Sutter Home Pinot Noir

Spending a chilly, winter afternoon wrapped up in a cozy blanket with a glass of Sutter Home Pinot Noir is exactly what we imagine as the holidays quickly approach. Whether it’s to make your afternoon or someone else’s a bit more special, you’ll be able to do just that with a hand-knitted throw. Each stitch is made with care and thought, and it’s sure to keep anyone warm during winter.

You’re working hard to make the season bright for all of your loved ones, but don’t forget to take care of yourself as well. Snuggling up with a soft, warm, hand-knitted throw will also be soothing to you.

Whether for yourself or for someone you love, just remember to add in a bottle of Sutter Home’s Pinot Noir. This splendid blend of a gift is great for any holiday occasion, and a comfy fit for any home.



  • 8-10 rolls of chunky yarn, add more rolls if you prefer a larger blanket


  1. To start, measure out about 5-6 ft lengths of yarn for your tail, and then make a slipknot on your right arm.
  2. With your left hand create a V-shape with the working yarn and with the tail with your left hand.
  3. Push your right hand under the working yarn on the left hand then pull the yarn from the tail through the loop.
  4. Take that loop and pull it over your right arm. Keep creating the stitches onto your right arm. Make make sure the stiches are snug but not too tight.
  5. Cast on 20-25 stitches on your right arm. Depending on how you prefer the width of your blanket.
  6. Once you are done with your 20-25 stitches, start over on your left arm. Hold the working yarn in your right hand and pull off the first stitch over the working yarn then create a loop with the working yarn and over your left hand.
  7. Continue taking the stitches over the working yarn until all of the stitches are moved over to your left arm.
  8. Keep on knitting from left to right and then right to left, until you have about 30-35 rows.
  9. When a roll of yarn runs out, you’ll need to tie the ends of the yarn together with a tight knot and just keep knitting.
  10. Then once you are done with all the rows, you’ll knit two stitches from your left arm to your right arm, as you did all the way until this point, and then slip the first stitch over the second.
  11. Knit another stitch on your right arm and then slip the previous stitch over the last one. Continue until you only have one loop left.
  12. Then cut off the working yarn, pull it over and tie a knot.
  13. To hide the tails braid them into your blanket.
  14. Enjoy!


Happiness is homemade with this wonderful gift, too.

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