Football Season: Game Day Snacks

Football Season: Game Day Snacks

With football season in full swing, we think it’s time time to change up your game day recipe rotation. We have some first-string snacks for you to try! And what better way to share wins than with good friends, yummy snacks, and Sutter Home wine? Pair a few of our classic varietals with these tasty treats. 

Need ideas on where to start? Below is a short list of some great versions of these awesome snacks with links to their recipes. Follow us on Pinterest to find more of our game day recipes


Spicy Wings

 Whether they’re sweet ‘n’ spicy, spiced to perfection, or paired with delicious dips, wings are always a crowd-pleasing appetizer.


Keep your favorite football fans happy, warm, and full with one of these great chili recipes: on a hot dog, cowboy style, or flavored just for the fall season.


What better way to bring everyone together than with the world’s best shareable snack. Just don’t double dip! Build a nacho bar, add a Southwest flair, make ‘em individual style or make it into a family style spread.

Chips & Salsa

Every made your own salsa? Add fresh herbs like cilantro, or mix it with a little (or more than a little!) guacamole or get crazy-creative with strawberries and mangos too! Best part about salsa is you can make it ahead of time.

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Nothing says sports food like pizza. Instead of plain ol’ cheese or pepperoni, make it more festive with Southwestern sauce, BBQ chicken and pineapple too! Try out one of these great recipes on Sunday.


Wow your guests with one of these tasty burger recipes. Add apples and blue cheese, spice it up your burger with chipotle and avocado, or keep all your sports fans happy with a traditional bacon cheeseburger – they’ll be begging you for more!


Everyone has football traditions that make every game day party a winner. Do you have other favorite snacks and recipes? We’d love to hear them! Share in the comments section below. 


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