Fall Seasonal Fruit Pairings

Fall Seasonal Fruit Pairings

In Season: Fall Fruits and Wine Pairings

Sweet vine-ripened fruit and a velvety-smooth glass of wine—could there be a more delightful pairing While one might debate the details of wine’s perfect match, there is no denying that the most delicious fruits are the ones that are in season.

In fact, fall’s harvest guarantees several sweet varieties that pair perfectly with Sutter Home wines. From the crisp tartness of apples to the sweet juiciness of grapes, we can’t get enough of nature’s autumn bounty. Enjoy a few of our favorite wine and fall fruit pairings, and see for yourself why this season is oh, so sweet.

Apples & Pinot Noir
The rich spices of this dry red balance the apple’s sweetness.

Pears & White Zinfandel
This medium-sweet wine complements the prickliness of pear.

Grapes & Champagne
This bubbly brut is versatile so enjoy a glass with fresh fall grapes.

Do you have a favorite fall fruit and wine pairing Let us know in the comments below!

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