Do you like Sutter Home Wine? Do you really like us?

Do you like Sutter Home Wine? Do you really like us?

This might sound like the “Circle yes or no if you like us” note that we all used to pass around in middle school, but we’re asking because if you like our wine so much, we want your “liking us” to be official on Facebook too!

Now we’re not asking you to update your status to being “In a Relationship” with us on Facebook or anything like that, but we’d love for you to be part of our growing Facebook Page that’s constantly updated with new information about Sutter Home Wines.

On our Brand Page, we’ve got fans from all over the world talking with each other about their latest Sutter Home Wine tasting experiences, sharing pictures and even recommending wine and food pairings to each other.

But more than that, our Brand Page is a place where we get to connect with our customers, hear what you love the most and see what you’d like improved. We get to have real conversations with you, and we love that because the Sutter Home Facebook Brand Page isn’t just a place that we’ve stamped our brand. It’s a thriving community of people who love our wine just as much as we do and can’t help but talk about it.

So click over here to “like” Sutter Home Wine on our Facebook Brand Page! Otherwise, we might have to return to middle school tactics and ask Bobby or Susie if you really like us that much.

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