DIY: Thanksgiving Task Jar

DIY: Thanksgiving Task Jar

De-Stress with a Thanksgiving Task Jar

If you’ve ever hosted a Thanksgiving dinner, we salute you! It often takes a village to prepare such an expansive meal—not to mention the significant time, planning, preparation and work involved—whether it’s for a family of four or a group of fourteen.

If that village, however, is comprised of “me, myself and I,” then this year, it might be time to create a DIY task jar to help divvy up the chores. Don’t get overwhelmed by the workload—simply grab a jar, write “tasks” on strips of paper, and on the big day, have each family member and/or guest select something (no peeking!) they’ll be responsible for. All it takes is a few helping hands for a stress-free holiday dinner.

Some Thanksgiving tasks might include:

  • “Set the Table”
  • “Make XYZ Dish”
  • “Cook the Turkey”
  • “Prepare Desserts”
  • “Wash the Dishes”
  • “Dry the Dishes”
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