Can You Say Gewurztraminer?

Can You Say Gewurztraminer?

Are you ready for a change? We are too, which is why we are happy to announce our new (and blue!) packaging for Gewurztraminer!

A little confused on how to say it? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s the breakdown:

Guh – verts – tra – mee – ner

Doesn’t seem so scary like that does it! Good, now that you can show off your perfect pronunciation skills to your friends let’s focus on the wine:

This off-dry wine displays lush, fragrant flavors and aromas of white peaches, lichee fruit, and rose petals, with a complex hint of rich allspice. This wine will pair well with many foods, especially those prepared with sweet or hot flavors, Southwestern and Caribbean cuisines, turkey, chicken, pork roast, or ham.

If you like sweet wine and you haven’t tried this yet, you’re missing out. Now that you know its fun to say, it’s time to find out why it’s so sweet to sip. Cheers!

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