Busting Out the Mini Bottles

Busting Out the Mini Bottles

If you’re having a few friends over to celebrate the last couple weekends of a sizzling summer, imagine how fun it’d be to surprise them with a piñata. Immediately, their faces will light up and good-natured destruction will be imminent. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to add a piñata to the mix, but when you fill it with Mini Bottles, a normal get-together becomes an evening for the books.

Start by picking up a few four-packs of your favorite Sutter Home Mini Bottles. If you’re horsing around with the gang out back, we suggest stuffing the piñata with pre-chilled Moscato, Sangria, or Chardonnay. If the group is staying indoors, you can go straight for the Merlot or the longtime house favorite, Pinot Noir.

Once you’ve got the libations covered, you’re going to need some festive fillers. You know your guests, so take a trip down the candy aisle and choose a few bags of their favorite individually wrapped confections. Sour delights, gummy wonders, and chewy concoctions of all kinds are a must. Variety is key, but whatever you do, you can’t forget the chocolate!

Last but not least, find a couple of truly random party favors to keep your crew guessing. We highly recommend including noisemakers or kazoos, confetti poppers, and, of course, mini squirt guns. What happens after you break open that treasure trove is sure to set the scene for a lovely summer memory. Take plenty of pictures and relish a bit of silliness.

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