Burger Personality Quiz

Burger Personality Quiz

Have you taken our Burger Personality Quiz yet? It’s just one of the fun features at the Build a Better Burger Party Headquarters. The quiz asks a series of personality questions (15 to be exact) and calculates a burger pairing that best matches your personality.

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You can also print it out and take it to a party to share with your friends!

In case you were wondering, I am a Type-A Burger. Here’s my result. I think it’s pretty spot on!

You have a strong sense of yourself and are very confident in all you do. Your extroverted personality gives you a wide circle of friends, who admire and respect your taste in everything from fashion to food. If a friend, relative or co-workers needs a restaurant tip, you are their go-to person. You are always in-the-know on the newest restaurants to open. When it comes to entertaining, you take great pride in hosting parties at hotspots and introducing your crowd to the latest food and wine trends.

Your burger recipe is: Best of the Best Burger.
Your wine pairing is: Cabernet Sauvignon.

Please note that you could have a dominant burger personality with subtle hints of others. You could easily be a Hipster-Burger with Nurture-Burger tendencies. So, embrace your inner burger and always remember, “if the bun fits, wear it.”

Oh so yummy!

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