Top 5 Burgers 2019

Bun Roll, Please! Here Are Last Year’s Finalists

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We are proud and excited to share with you the top 5 finalists in our 2019 Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Recipe Contest. Through their inventive burger recipes and perfect wine pairings, our Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Recipe contest winners prove once again that happiness is homemade. Here they are!

Emily Chilton | Dedham, Massachusetts

Parisian Burger | Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio

The Parisian burger packs some seriously sophisticated flavor with Dijon and rosemary, and then the toppings just perfect it with truffle mayo and egg yolk.

Jeff “Cheffro” White | Marshfield, Missouri

French Onion Umami Burger | Wine Pairing: Cabernet Sauvignon

This deliciously rich and beefy burger is a harmony of amazing flavors. Imagine a succulent, 1/2 -pound, ground chuck burger, seasoned to perfection with a homemade beefy-burger-rub, then topped with a classic French onion soup compote, melted Gruyere cheese, and hickory-smoked bacon crumbles. Thinly sliced Roma tomatoes and fresh baby spinach top this beauty, before being crowned with a butter-toasted brioche bun.

Lynn Albright | Fremont, Nebraska

Korean-Style Bulgogi Burgers | Wine Pairing: Rosé

This was inspired by Korean beef bulgogi, where thin slices of beef are marinated and grilled on the BBQ – hooked on gochujang, the spicy paste used in Korean cooking. It makes its appearance throughout this recipe, starting with the fiery kick it gives bacon jam (this stuff is to die for). Gochujang makes its next appearance in the light batter that encases the fried shallots that are a staple in Korean cooking (bawang goreng). It shows up again to lend an Asian kick in a sauce that is drizzled across the top of the burger and topped off with ginger-infused pickles. Sprinkle on a little togarashi for a dash of umami.

Joshua Boyer | Traverse City, Michigan

MMM Burger (Mushroom, Merlot, Manchego) | Wine Pairing: Merlot

This burger is packed with flavor from the caramelized onions, mushrooms, and garlic simmered down in Sutter Home Merlot, topped with an aged Manchego cheese accompanied by roasted heirloom tomato, mustard greens, and bread and butter pickles.

Leora Breese | Pomona, California

Shakshuka Sunrise Burger | Wine Pairing: Pinot Grigio

This breakfast burger is a gorgeous mash-up of two of my favorite foods: breakfast burgers and shakshuka. The tomato, bell pepper, and caramelized onion spread is a delicious, smoky departure from ketchup, paired with quick-pickled cucumber for a cool crunch and a fried egg with a glorious runny yolk, this colorful, eye-catching dish turns heads at the barbeque without breaking the bank!

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