Build a Better Burger Eve

Build a Better Burger Eve

Since tomorrow is the big day, we thought it wise to have a nice, relaxing Friday evening. Sutter Home Executive Chef Jeffrey Starr and his crew prepared a dinner for the finalists and some of our partners at our Zinfandel Lane Ranch.

We had massage therapists on hand for our finalists (and I may have visited said therapist myself, and by may have, I mean I definitely did) and the finalists also got a chance to meet some of the faces they will be working with tomorrow. Check out the festivities on BBB Eve.


Finalists Jamie Martin and Erin Evenson (left and middle) pose with Erin’s mom (right) at our pre-BBB bash.


The Beef Finalists check over their ingredients to make sure everything is present and accounted for in preparation for tomorrow


Finalist Lorie Roach double checks with Chef Jeffrey Starr to finalize her ingredient box.

The deal with tomorrow is that the finalists each have to prepare 6 burgers–one full recipe. From there, they will pick the 3 best ones to present to the judging panel. After they present to the judges, they will return to their cooking stations where they will whip up another batch of burgers for our dining pleasure.

I will post a schedule tomorrow for timeline purposes but right now, I’m off to bed! And the auto timer on my coffee pot is already set!

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Announcing the 2007 finalists!

Build a Better Burger

Announcing the 2007 finalists!