Build a Better Burger Contest Winners – 1995

Build a Better Burger Contest Winners – 1995

The promotional materials for this year featured a gigantic, towering burger with the top bun being lowered into place by a crane hook, while a tiny man on scaffolding and a woman down below built the fantasy creation. It was completely opposite to any entry that would be chosen for the contest, but conveyed the idea that the sky was the limit in building better burgers.

Blue and white tablecloths and balloons decorated the grounds of the Sutter Home Victorian for the cook-off, where male contestants swept the prizes. Perpetuating the mythic role of men as the masters of outdoor cookery, appliance retailer Porter Lansing continued the male winning streak, scoring the 5th consecutive win for men at BBB.


After the complex structure of the previous year, James McNair simplified the selection process and directed Melinda Pride, a Napa Valley food consultant and recipe tester for Appellation magazine, who screened the entries and chose seven regional finalists.

Event Manager

Diana Fratessa, Public Relations Assistant, Sutter Home Winery


  • Grand Prize: Porter Lansing, Englewood, Colorado – Chicken Oriental Burgers with Grilled Shiitake
  • First Prize: Vince Grosse, Marietta, Georgia – Mediterranean Tuna Burgers with Lemon Basil Mayonnaise
  • Second Prize: Martin Kokotaylo, Sylvania, Ohio – Green Chile Chicken Burgers with Orange Chili Mayonnaise and Three-Pepper Cheese Spread
  • Award for Creativity: Nicol Spedus, Petaluma, California – San Francisco Cioppino Burger

Other Finalists

  • Gloria Bradley, Naperville, Illinois – Peppered Pita Burgers with Apple-Shallot Chutney
  • Lisa Keys, Middlebury, Connecticut – Greek Salad Burgers
  • Lloyd Roczniak, Rochester, Minnesota – Lamb Burgers with Minted Mango Chutney


James McNair, Head Judge
Jan Birnbaum
David Duran
Fred Halpert
Cindy Pawlcyn
Roger Trinchero

Build a Better Burger Contest Winners - 1994

Build a Better Burger

Build a Better Burger Contest Winners - 1994