Attention fans of Food Network and Burgers!

Attention fans of Food Network and Burgers!

I think it is safe to safe that each spring, we here at Sutter Home anxiously await news from Food Network as to the air date of the Build a Better Burger installment of their Challenge series.

The wait is over!

We just got word that Build a Better Burger III will be airing on May 28. It will air at 9pm* on my tv here on the west coast. I have found it wise to always put one of those little * thingys after the 9pm because you never know when it might be 8pm or 10pm in someone else’s area. All that is code for check your guides to make doubly-sure you don’t miss it!

AND, just in case the suspense of the whole showdown isn’t enough, it airs Memorial Day Weekend which is prime grilling time people. There are 2 things that happen Memorial Day Weekend. You can begin wearing all the white you want and you can BBQ to your heart’s content.

But let’s be honest. We all know that there are a few of us who BBQ year round. I wouldn’t want to mention any names coughcough MYSELF coughcough but they are out there. And we love them.

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Fire up those grills boys and girls! It's Build a Better Burger season!