At-Home Relaxation

At-Home Relaxation


Relaxing Does Not Always Mean Doing Nothing.

Have you ever felt the only way you can relax is by DOING something?

Sometimes it seems the only way to unwind is by distracting our active, stressed-out minds with an enjoyable activity that puts our brain on autopilot. It could be carving out time for a hobby or doing something creative. The best part about this type of relaxation method is that you end up accomplishing something that makes you happy beyond the calm.

Do try these 3 relaxing activities at home:

1.     Coloring for Grown Ups
Yes, this is a real thing. Similar to Zentangling, there are tons of coloring books for grown-ups and pages that can be easily found through a quick web search. The madness behind the method is in the soothing patterns and designs. People who have mastered a Zen state of mind highly recommend it.

2.     Gardening
It may sound like “yard work,” but getting your hands just a little dirty and playing a role in growing a plant can feel quite rewarding. If you’re worried about the commitment to it, start small by carving out a little section in your yard or small pots on a window sill inside your home.

First, decide if you want to grow something from a seed or a small, already established plant; then choose if you want to grow something you think looks beautiful or just want to eat. Herb gardens, for example, are super easy to grow indoors or out. Once you have your supplies (look up checklists online), the tactile, sensory act of gardening is quite therapeutic and relaxing. It’s like playing in the dirt when you were a kid. You won’t have to think hard about it; you’ll know what to do, and enjoy it.

3.     Cooking
Perhaps trying a new recipe or learning a new trick in the kitchen is more your speed? Improving your chef prowess can, not only, be relaxing (assuming you can have your kitchen all to yourself for a few hours), but it can also build your list of culinary skills. And that’s something to also be proud of. Try rubbing down a rack of ribs or stirring up a risotto dish if you’re the savory type; or tackling a macaroon recipe if you like the sweeter side. 

Whichever relaxing activity you decide to try, may we suggest 2 things? 

1. Allow yourself to fail because it’s okay if it doesn’t turn out, and 2. Consider enjoying the process with a glass of wine.

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