Ryan Corn Is One Singer/Songwriter Who Believes Writing From The Heart Is the Best Way to Connect With People

Corn is a Missouri native with strong musical roots. As a child, he learned harmony by singing with his grandmother in church. As a teenager, the lure of the electric guitar hooked him, and he found himself in a couple of bands, writing songs and touring in a beat-up RV. Along the way, he began to develop his own musical identity as a solo artist.

Ryan’s voice, lyrics, and melodies have a heart all their own. It’s a reflection of the soul of an artist whose desire is not just to get a song stuck in someone’s head, but to get it stuck in the person’s heart, too.

A record deal with Curb followed, and in 2014 he debuted his first songs for the label. “Wonderful Things” found success, charting at Billboard and garnering 3.8 million listens on Spotify. It’s a good example of his artistic sensibilities, combining honesty, a relaxed and engaging vocal, and a bit of quirkiness in the form of trumpets, gang vocals, and Mellotron flutes.

Maybe the pop formula is tried-and-true. But it’s the rare song – and songwriter – who can use rhythm and rhyme to move the listener, to connect with audiences in a way that transcends simple music and lyrics.

Ryan Corn is that artist. He’s rewriting the formula, infusing his heart into his music, and he will make you get up and dance.

Learn more about Ryan and his tour schedule at: http://ryancornmusic.com/