Wine Talk: Get to Know Merlot ​ ​

Wine Talk: Get to Know Merlot ​ ​

Say hello to Merlot: It’s an easygoing wine exuding a slightly sweet berry taste and lighter berry red color. Ours is made for a smooth, tasteful finish. One of the great features of Merlot is that it pairs perfectly with so many different kinds of foods, from herbed chicken to Margherita pizza. With a history that dates back to the late 1700s, Merlot is now one of the most popular wines in many countries around the world.  So if you’re not already familiar with this classically delicious red, here are three things to know about the tasting notes and wonders of Merlot:​

1) Flavor Profile 
Fresh and smooth, with black cherry flavors and hints of smoke and spice​

​2) Color Cues​
A slightly lighter red than Cabernet Sauvignon, with subtle orange tones

3) Food Pairings ​
Tomato-based pastas, chicken, beef, lamb, and pizza<

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