Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Wine & Chocolate Pairings

Have a sweet Valentine’s Day!

Wine. Chocolate. Love in the air… It must be Valentine’s Day!

Who says you have to have just one Valentine? Whether you are going out with your sweetie, hosting a girls’ night or snuggling up watch movies on the couch, Valentine’s Day is all about sweetness and love. Make it extra sweet and special with these wine and chocolate pairings. 

When picking your favorite chocolates and Sutter Home wines, make sure to keep these three rules in mind: 
•    The darker the chocolate, the darker the wine. Pair dark chocolates with full-bodied red wine and lighter chocolates with sweeter or fruitier white wines.
•    If you plan on trying multiple pairings, start with lighter combos and end with the more intense flavors of dark chocolates and wines. 
•    Play up variety! Try different types of chocolates and add in other treats and flavors like fruit, nuts, or caramels. 

Try these perfect pairings (they are our favorites!):
•    Cabernet Sauvignon with dark chocolate
•    Pinot Noir with caramel chocolate
•    White Zinfandel with milk chocolate
•    Moscato with white chocolate

To make your Valentine’s Day extra festive and ultra indulgent we’ve pinned some of our favorite recipes to our “Sweet Treats” Pinterest board. Try out these Valentine’s cake pops, mini molten chocolate lava cakes, chocolate raspberry mousse or these adorable heart cupcakes. Tell us what you think! 


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