Why Moscato Makes Great Cocktails

Why Moscato Makes Great Cocktails

How do we love Moscato Let us share the ways. You might say we have a sweet spot for this rousing white. After all, Sutter Home began producing Moscato long before it was cool, so we have a long heritage with it. This month, you may discover that it hits your sweet spot too. It’s deliciously balanced, with scents of rose and lychee, combined with creamy flavors of honeydew and peach. This must have Moscato, makes a great first impression, and continues impressing your pallet with every sip. Our long standing heritage of producing tasteful Moscato continues with Bubbly Pink and Red Moscato—delightfully fresh ways to keep this sweet sensation pouring all year.

Want to know more about Moscato Here’s why we can’t get enough:

– We love this fruit-forward blend paired with ethnic foods, like Thai or Indian. The sweet nuances provide the perfect counterbalance to this cuisine’s hot, spicy flavors. Light cheeses or fruity desserts also make lovely pairings.

– When the heat is on, Moscato keep things cool. It likes to be kept at a chilling 45 degrees — before serving — this temperature highlights its medium acidity and delectable sweetness.

– Moscato’s delightful fruitiness is ideal for creating homemade, sweet summertime cocktails. So the next time you’re playing host to a gathering of friends, treat them to this peachy libation, it’s sure to stir up some refreshing conversation.

– Did you know Sutter Home Moscato is an award-winning wine It took home the gold at the New World International and the Long Beach Grand Cru Wine Competition.

– Already adore Sutter Home Moscato You might also enjoy our Pink, and Red Moscato, and Moscato Blends.

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