Who Built it Better?

Who Built it Better?

Now, we know that you’re all asking yourselves this question – who built the $100,000 grand prize-winning burger? Was it you? (Of course, I know you can only cross your fingers, toes, eyes & all hoping that it was!)

Was YOUR gourmet burger creation built to perfection? Did YOU build it bigger and better? There are so many questions dancing around in that sweet little head of yours (I am right, aren’t I?)

Well, as of right now, with SO many entries, our fabulous judges are gettin’ their palates ready for all of that deeee-licious burger tasting! And with the fate now out of your hands, you’re probably askin’ yourselves one big question: What Now?

Well, NOW it’s time to tell us about those sweet little burger masterpieces you’ve all been workin’ your tail end on! How did you taste test all of your creations? How did you determine the perfect toppings? Wine pairing? There are so many things we wanna know! (I can hear my stomach growling as we speak.)

And if you don’t feel like spilling ALL of your burger secrets, at least answer me this:

Who was your go-to taste tester during this whole process? Your spouse, the kids, a friendly neighbor perhaps?

Before I say goodbye, there’s one more thing – don’t forget to follow our blog! You wouldn’t wanna miss out on all of the burger action, would you?

Wine tasting events are simple and fun! Who knew?

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Wine tasting events are simple and fun! Who knew?