What do you Drink out of?

What do you Drink out of?

Ever wonder why some people are so picky about their wine glasses? It turns out what you drink out of is almost as important as what you’re drinking! The glass you drink out of can actually change the taste of your wine.

When looking for your perfect wine glasses remember a few basic steps:

1. Go Clear: Part of the fun of drinking wine is being able to enjoy the color, which also tells you a lot about the wine. Therefore it’s important to use clear glasses. Colored wine glasses can be useful for the right occasion, but for everyday use go with clear.

2. Size: If you’re drinking red, you want a glass that holds 12 ounces or more; white should hold 10-12 ounces. This gives you enough room to swirl and smell your wine without spilling it everywhere. Champagne and sparkling wine work best with flutes.

3. Stemware: You want your glass to have something to hold onto. It’s not only helpful to you; it also keeps the heat of your hand away from the wine, which can alter the flavor.

4. Shape: There are many different styles of glassware out there, so it can be hard to determine what’s best. We say go for ones that have a large bowl but then taper in at the top. This allows the aromas of the wine to travel up the glass towards your nose while you swirl it.

5. Price: You don’t have to spend a lot to get good glasses, do your research before and you should be able to find the perfect glass for you!

Given all this fun wine glass knowledge, we know you’re itching to get some new stemware! As much as we love gorgeous wine glasses, the clink they make when toasting to friends, and how they dress up any table, wine can be enjoyed out of any glass.

How about hosting a wine tasting party where you try the same wine out of different glasses! Try Sutter Home Cabernet Sauvignon in a glass with a large bowl, a stemless wine glass, a plain old water glass and a red plastic party cup. Let us know if you can tell the difference!

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