We’re Wishing all September Brides a Beautiful Wedding

We’re Wishing all September Brides a Beautiful Wedding

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According to The Knot’s wedding statistics, many couples choose to get married in October and September over June. 

Fall, it seems, has overtaken summer as the most popular outdoor wedding season. So, we thought now is a terrific time to share this DIY wedding planning idea that everyone will say “I do” to. Choose the most beautiful tree you can find at your wedding location and create this homemade family tree by decking it with family wedding photos from past weddings. This family tree will surely inspire everyone to look back and look forward to their own special days with love in their eyes. To bring further cheer to everyone on your day of celebration, you can deck out your wedding party tables with delicious Sutter Home Mini bottles, which everyone will also love saying “I do” to. 

What you’ll need:

  • Embroidery hoops
  • Ribbon
  • Family photos
  • Mini pegs
  • Wired flowers

Directions on how to make: 

  1. Split the embroidery hoop into two parts.
  2. Using the smaller inner as a guide, cut a length of ribbon around two and a half times the length of the embroidery hoop.
  3. Wrap around the length of the hoop and secure across the middle using a pin, glue or tape. 
  4. Slot the outer ring over the inner hoop.
  5. Take a selection of the 3 to 5 wired flower heads and wrap them securely around the hoop. 
  6. Find a selection of wedding photos featuring members of both of your families and secured them in place with a mini wooden peg.
  7. You could also decorate the other side of the hoop with flowers and photos too if you plan to hang from a surface where both sides will be visible.
  8. Install the element and hang from a tree to fully bring the concept of a family tree to life. 
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