The results are in!

The results are in!

It’s that time of year again! We’re excited to announce the finalists for the 2013 Build a Better Burger Recipe Contest.

Check out the recipe for each burger below, and learn a little about each finalist’s inspiration for their creation! Which one sounds best to you?

Beef Category

Chipotle Bacon Maple Jam Burgers
with Creamy Blue Cheese and Pear, Spinach, and Hazelnut Salad

Recipe by Michael Cohen, Music Composer, Los Angeles, California

“In this burger, I employ my unique creation: Chipotle Bacon Maple Jam. It really does wonders to the burger, which is simultaneously sweet and spicy and a little bit smoky. There’s some creamy blue cheese to balance all that. This is really the ultimate bacon blue cheese burger, but all done in my own unique way.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Sutter Home Zinfandel

Lone Star Hoss Burgers
with Smoky Bacon Cheese Spread and Apricot and Onion Jam.

Recipe by Maureen Hiller, Property Consultant, Katy, Texas

“Growing up on our weekend farm I experienced the joy of a garden full of fresh vegetables. There is nothing like eating tender corn on the cob, green onions, and fresh jalapeños. One of my favorite pastimes is to grill for my family and friends and enjoy meals around our pond. I love everything spicy and try to balance this with sweet and savory elements. Sitting outside with a juicy burger and a glass of Sutter Home White Merlot with loved ones is my idea of life to the fullest.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Sutter Home White Merlot

Over-The-Top Truffled Burgers
with Caramelized Balsamic Onion Jam, Roasted Garlic Aioli and Goat Cheese

Recipe by Kim Jones, Daycare Center Chef, Bloomingdale, Illinois

“My favorite way to enjoy filet mignon is to top it with goat cheese and a wonderful caramelized balsamic onion jam. The combination is incredible and I knew I could use the same flavors in a burger! The sweetness of the onion jam pairs superbly with the tanginess of the goat cheese, the light truffle flavor adds a decadent earthiness and marries with the roasted garlic aioli, and well, bacon is good on everything!”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Sutter Home Merlot

Mexicali Burger
with Esquites and Pepita Crema

Recipe by Harold Cohen, Retired Surgeon, Hollywood, Florida

“This burger captures the flavors of the food from Mexicali, a town just south of the border. Esquites, a popular street food dish made of corn, gives a great texture and taste to the burger. Pumpkin seeds, a frequent component of authentic Mexican cuisine, make an appearance here in a uniquely delicious Pepita Crema. Lastly, the “secret” ingredient of Cocoa Chile powder really sets this burger apart.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Sutter Home Zinfandel

Savory French Toasted Burgers
with Seasoned Arugula, Bacon-Shallot Chevre, and Merlot Mustard

Recipe by Bill Clifford, Hospital Chef, Exeter, New Hampshire

“I love Monte Cristo sandwiches; the eggy richness of the outside smoothly transitions into the warm meaty interior. Inspired by the classic French Croque Monsieur, one might argue that the patty melt, another iconic grilled sandwich, is a reworked “Croque on rye.” My Franco-American tribute to both sandwiches, wraps an all-American burger in French goat cheese, savory seared custard bread, peppery arugula, and a generous drizzle of luscious, gooey, Merlot-spiked mustard.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Sutter Home Merlot

Alternative Category

Barbados Tuna Burgers
with Caramelized Orange and Ginger-Garlic Aioli

Recipe by Kelly Randall, Registered Nurse, Vallejo, California

“The flavors of black rum, caramelized orange, and allspice compliment fresh tuna to transport you to an island vacation. A light and flavorful summertime burger!”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Sutter Home Sauvignon Blanc

Sour Apple Pork Burgers
with Cheddar Cheese, Cayenne-Apple-Candied Bacon, and Potato Chip-Onion Haystacks

Recipe by Cristen C. Clark, Stay at Home Mom and Softball Pitching Instructor, Runnells, Iowa

“My inspiration for this burger comes from my favorite dish to eat in the fall: roasted pork with apple compote. It is a meal that celebrates harvest, my favorite time of year. I wanted to turn it into a burger to celebrate my farming roots and the food memories from these times. Raising hogs also lends plenty of ground pork from the butcher! The wine I chose, Chenin Blanc, is a nice varietal for this dish because it incorporates the flavors of the apple without being overpowering.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Chenin Blanc

Red Lantern Lemongrass-Glazed Chicken Burgers
with Shiitake Mushrooms and Sriracha Mayo

Recipe by Jim Bradley, Quality Assurance Analyst, Chicago, Illinois

“My love of Chinese food and a great burger inspired me to create this recipe. This chicken burger brushed with a lemongrass glaze served on a bun smeared with a Sriracha mayo and topped with shiitake mushrooms and arugula is bursting with Asian flavors. The burger is a tribute to the American and Chinese fusion by combining fresh ingredients with layers of flavor.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Gewürtztraminer

German Currywurst Burgers
with Tomato Curry-Ginger Jam, Curry-Glazed Pork Skins, and Sweet Pepper, Apple, and Fennel Slaw

Recipe by Krista Towns, Business Owner, Aiken, South Carolina

“As a first generation German-American and brat lover, I was thrilled to discover currywurst, a well-loved German street food made famous in Berlin by Herta Heuwer. The Berlin Wall no longer exists, but currywurst and its many variations are still offered across the country. I’ve included sausage-seasoned patties with a spicy, gingery jam, a refreshing crispy slaw, and crunchy, curry-glazed pork skins in my “burgerized” spin on this German fast-food favorite.”

Suggested Wine Pairing: Gewürtztraminer

“Chicken Dressed as Duck” Burgers
with Spiced Cherry Mostarda and Orange-Thyme Aioli

Recipe by Ellen Verdugo, Retired Management Consultant, Gloucester, Massachusetts

“The inspiration for these burgers comes from my fond memory of a favorite aunt who used to refer to other women her age who dressed “with airs” as “mutton dressed as lamb”! Now, we love our duck burgers, but they can be pricey to make for a crowd. So I decided to make my burgers with all the accoutrements that I usually choose for duck, substituting chicken thighs instead, thus my “Chicken Dressed as Duck” Burgers!”

Suggested Wine Pairing: White Merlot

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