The Infamous Burgerbase and what it means for you, the burger-lover

The Infamous Burgerbase and what it means for you, the burger-lover

Hello devoted BurgerBlog readers!

I hope you are all enjoying a great grilling season! We are far from over but if you’re ever at a loss for grilling material, I’m sure you know to check out our Burgerbase for a little inspiration!

I wanted to give you a little insight on how the Burgerbase came into existence. As we all know, Sutter Home has been holding the national burger contest for the past 17 years. That means we have tons, like, thousands, of burger recipes. Not all have been tried (even I’d keel over from that much beef!) but all these recipes were sitting in a database just hanging out, getting totally unappreciated.

That’s when it came to us: we needed to share all the burger glory with all of our Burger Fans!

Many of the recipes in the Burgerbase were recipes that our judges were totally diggin’ on, but couldn’t accept as valid entries because they didn’t order their ingredients right (that, by the way, is hands down the most common mistake we see in entries that get DQ’ed).

So, we have opened up our archive of burgers to you, the burger fans at home. If you do find a recipe you like (it would be hard not to, I have more favorites than days to grill!) rustle up some friends and family and fire up the BBQ. But don’t forget to share your thoughts on the burger recipe you tried….that’s half the fun! (And because giving something 3 burgers instead of stars is just plain funny.)

Grill on!

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