The home stretch

The home stretch

Kristine Snyder is rounding out hte beef finalists with her recipe and all of the judges were absolutely wow-ed by it.

The number of ingredients was also a hot topic today and since Kristine used the same ingredients mulitple times, I’m sure she’ll get bonus points for that.

The ingredients are all in balance and it brought a little taste of the Islands to the NV!

The sweet onions, the soy sauces…all of the judges loved the way the flavors melded together.

Now they are off to the judging room to finish up their scoring and I’m off to weasle my way into the tally room to find out results!

This year, I volunteered to collect the People’s Choice Ballots (did I mention our audience gets to vote for their favorites and the winner in each category gets a check for $2500?? Um, yea. Pretty sweet.)

Now I can get in the inside and technically I’m supposed to be there. I’m so sneaky.

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It's like a party in your mouth

Build a Better Burger

It's like a party in your mouth