Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Gewurztraminer

Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Gewurztraminer

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“Guh-verts-tra-mee-ner” – yep, that’s how you say it. Gewurztraminer is not only known for its elaborate name, but also for its high natural sugar, sweet fruity flavors, and enticing floral aromas. So don’t let the name intimidate you!

With sweet fruit flavors and a spicy finish, Sutter Home Gewurztraminer pairs perfectly with sweet and sour pork, smoked salmon, Hawaiian pizza , spicy steak fajitas, medium cheeses such as swiss or muenster, spicy chicken wings, chicken tikka masala, pasta puttanesca, and fresh fruit desserts

Burger pairing: Caribbean Heat Burger with Spicy Mango Slaw

Wine Wednesday Rule #3

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