Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Garnishes!

Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Garnishes!

When it comes to cocktails we all know presentation matters. You’re more likely to drink something if it looks good, which is why cocktail garnishes are so important! Here’s a few that we think would look (and taste!) good with any Sutter Home Wine Cocktail:

1. Blueberries: Have them float on top or use their flavor as part of the drink (time to use the muddler!) Tastes great with Merlot.
2. Cranberries: They make any drink more colorful and festive, plus they’re delicious.
3. Lemons or limes: Can be cut into a wheel and placed on the side, or squeezed into a cocktail to provide that extra flavor.
4. Mint: Tear the leaves and have them float on top of white wine. Brings an extra touch of color and flavor.

What do you use as a garnish, anything crazy like jalapeños or cherry tomatoes Let us know, and don’t forget to enter our Sutter Home Cocktail Contest Thursday!

Sutter Home Wine Cocktails: Bar Tools!