Sutter Home Wine and Pizza Pairings

Sutter Home Wine and Pizza Pairings

Sutter Home Wine and Pizza Pairings

There’s no reason wine needs to be enjoyed with fancy food. In fact, we’re big fans of keeping it simple, and it doesn’t get much simpler (or tastier) than cheesy pizza and a refreshing glass of wine. Sure, it’s an easy, delicious combo, but picking the right wine to pair with your favorite pizza can make a notable difference. The seemingly endless combinations of wine varieties and pizza flavors are just right for sharing and will take your night to a whole new level.

Whether it’s homemade or delivery, we came up with a handful of wine and pizza pairings that are sure to satisfy, so invite the crew, grab a glass, slice and pour, and get tasting.

Cheese Pizza + Pinot Noir

A classic never disappoints. With layers of richness and freshness, this fruit-forward blend pairs well with a traditional cheese pizza.

Veggie Pizza + Chardonnay 

Much like fresh veggies, our crisp Chardonnay boasts an impressive lineup of mouthwatering flavors. The two will leave a lasting impression.

Pepperoni Pizza + Merlot

A flavorful and smooth combo – both with hints of smoke and spice. Tomato-based pastas, chicken, beef, and most definitely pepperoni pizza pair delightfully with Merlot.

Margherita Pizza + Pinot Grigio

Our Pinot Grigio’s crispness primes the palate for food, especially cheeses. This laid-back wine is very approachable, so it’s an easy choice to pour alongside a simple, fresh Margherita pizza.

Meat-Lover’s Pizza + Cabernet Sauvignon

This medium-bodied wine pairs well with chicken dishes, red meats, game, and mildly seasoned pastas – making it a match made in meat-lover’s heaven. The two make a rich and delicious duo.

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