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Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Chardonnay

Sutter Home Wine & Food Pairing Series: Chardonnay

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Chardonnay. It may have been your first wine, your entry into the world of wine. It’s a food friendly wine, an easy sipper, a wine that can go from day to night as easily as your little black dress.

With lovely aromas of fresh pear, peach, apple and lemon, our Sutter Home Chardonnay makes a perfect accompaniment to salmon with lemon sauce, Caesar salad, mild cheeses such as Brie and Jarlsberg, four cheese pizza, angel hair pasta with cream sauce, club sandwiches, and pork chops.

Burger: Smoky Chipotle BBQ Burger

Didja know that Chardonnay is the #1 selling wine variety in the US! It is also one of the most widely plated grape varieties in the world with about 410,000 acres planted! It is definitely a classic in the wine world, so be sure to enjoy!

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