Sutter Home Social Hour: Fondue Party

Sutter Home Social Hour: Fondue Party

Make this month’s Social Hour activity a cozy and warm one. There’s something about the cold winter air that makes comfort foods even more enjoyable. Have you ever tried fondue? It’s the best kind of comfort food. This February, join our Social Hour and host a fondue party! It is not only affordable, easy and fun, it’s another great excuse to get your friends together for a night of dining and socializing.

Wine and cheese? Yes, please!

Make your event about the guests you invite. A fondue party is fun because it’s a simple meal that involves everyone’s participation. First pick what kind of fondue you’ll be serving—check out some excellent recipes on our “Sutter Home Social Hour” Pinterest board. Ask your friends to bring one or two of their favorite fondue dippers. This way, everyone gets to enjoy a favorite treat while making the prep easier for you. To make your party extra fun, add some Fondue rules to get everyone involved.

If everyone else brings the dippers you can provide the fondue, skewers and some Sutter Home wine. We suggest serving a combination of red and white wines to compliment all the flavors of the dippers. Our Merlot, Zinfandel, Chardonnay, or Riesling will go well with any type of fondue.

Visit our Pinterest board “Sutter Home Social Hour” for more fun ideas on how to get all your friends together. Enjoy!


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