Sutter Home Holidays: Our 5 Favorite Holiday Traditions

Sutter Home Holidays: Our 5 Favorite Holiday Traditions

Here’s our list of the top 5 holiday traditions everyone should take part in!

1. Baking Cookies:  Make it a family affair!  There’s nothing like getting everyone in the kitchen at once, and during the holidays you can make any kind of cookie imaginable.  You also get the reward of eating them at the end!

2. Watching Holiday Movies:  People look forward to this every year, so we suggest planing a whole week were you watch a new one every night.  Who doesn’t still love watching A Christmas Story!?

3. Opening a Present on Christmas Eve:  It’s too hard to wait all the way till morning!

4. Snowball Fight:  Or you know, watching a snowball fight while you sit inside and drink wine counts too.

5. Bubbly Moscato Toast:  Nothing says let’s celebrate like Bubbly Moscato, and there’s nothing better to toast than being surrounded by family and friends.

So Cheers to all of you, and let us know what your favorite holiday tradition is!

Sutter Home Holidays: Give the Gift of Wine!