Sutter Home Holidays: Give the Gift of Wine!

Sutter Home Holidays: Give the Gift of Wine!

‘Tis the Season!  There’s no better time to spice your wine bottles up than now, so here’s a few tips on how to make an ordinary hostess gift one to remember:

1.    Wrap it:  Everyone enjoys gifts during the holidays, so why not wrap the bottle of wine you’re about to hand over.  Even better, plant a big bow on top to show you mean business.

2.    Dress it up:  Yes, we mean literally.  We want to see bottles of Sutter Home Merlot with white beards and a Santa hat!  You may need to plan ahead and get creative but nothing says happy holidays like a Chardonnay Elf!

3.    Bags:  Cute wine bags are everywhere right now!  They come in all colors and patterns and allow you to make a fun statement with your gift.

4.    DIY:  Now this may be the most unique and cheapest way to give a wine bottle.  All you have to do is buy a silver or gold permanent ink pen and go to town.  Write your own message right on the bottle for a more personal gift.

What varietal are you planning on giving this holiday season?

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