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Stay-in with the Perfect Pink Moscato and Chinese Food Pairing

Stay-in with the Perfect Pink Moscato and Chinese Food Pairing

After a long workweek, you deserve a treat, and nothing says “relaxation” like yoga pants, a messy bun, good TV, food delivery, and a bottle of wine.

These days and nights, there really is no reason to make dinnertime part of your rush-hour experience.

Instead, come right home, stay home, and catch up with one another while also enjoying a satisfying meal delivered right to your door.

Go ahead and order up your favorite Chinese food and open up a bottle of Sutter Home’s Pink Moscato. The flavors of the Chinese food are delightfully complemented by the light fruity notes of the wine.

Whether you enjoy pork stir-fry, shrimp lo mein, or sesame chicken, our Pink Moscato will create an irresistible taste combination that’s sure to remind you of just how happy you are with your “stay-in tonight” decision.


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