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Singer/Songwriter Corey Harper Is Only 23, Yet His Emotional Songs Span Generations

Singer/Songwriter Corey Harper Is Only 23, Yet His Emotional Songs Span Generations

As a guitar player, and songwriter, Harper crafted his sound from growing up around ’60s/’70s rock and soul music, as well as drawing inspiration from newer artists such as John Mayer and Ben Howard. Corey Harper was also handpicked by Justin Bieber to open for him. Guess what? We think Corey’s better. We’d love to know what you think.

Much of Corey’s musical influences were also absorbed from being part of the YouTube generation.

Now, unlike in the past, every genre of music can be seen and heard online. So it’s no surprise at all that Corey has naturally blended what he seems to love most, which is acoustic folk/Americana, country, and blues. For such a young man, Corey Harper eloquently and effortlessly plays his heart and soul out with every song.

He has serious fun with his music, while also telling it like it is in the most poetic way he can.

Any performer, famous or not, will immediately see how Corey pays homage and builds upon the storied singer/songwriters of the past and present. To listen to him is to love him.

To discover more about Corey Harper and his debut EP, “On the Run” – along with when he’ll be performing live In your neck of the woods – check out http://www.coreyharpermusic.com/.

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