Serve up Something Special With DIY Wine Cork Name Card Holders

Serve up Something Special With DIY Wine Cork Name Card Holders

We love a good DIY, and this project also made our guest feel special.

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, you’ll probably whip up your grandmother’s favorite side dish and serve the children’s favorite dessert. You’ll save the dark meat for dad and share the last scoop of cranberry sauce with your spouse. And for you? Well, that’s what the Sutter Home wine is for!

This heartfelt holiday is already deeply personalized, from the homemade dishes down to the memories you’ll make. Bring that same thoughtful, personalized touch to your holiday tablescape with bespoke name card holders. Crafted by hand and made from the heart, these easy-to-make holders display elegant name cards for every guest using your recycled Sutter Home wine corks. You cherish your friends and family, so why not give them an extra-special seat at your table? As a bonus, you can send them home with guests as favors, or save them for your next get-together.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

•4 Sutter Home wine corks per name card holder
•Hot glue
•Ribbon or twine

Here’s how to put it all together:

1.Using a hot glue gun, glue together four wine corks in a square near the base of the corks.
2.Tie a small bow around the corks with ribbon or twine.
3.Hand write or type up names for each guest on the cardstock. Slip the name cards in between the wine corks.

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