Our Homemade Wine Cork Christmas Tree Brings Holiday Cheer to Your Sutter Home Bottles

Our Homemade Wine Cork Christmas Tree Brings Holiday Cheer to Your Sutter Home Bottles

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Branch out and be creative this holiday season with a giftable homemade Wine Cork Christmas Tree. Crafting a homemade holiday gift out of wine corks is a unique way to add your own festive flair to any gifted bottle of Sutter Home Wine while also adding a personalized touch. Whoever receives it will know it was made just for them, from the heart.

These homemade Wine Cork Trees, made from Sutter Home corks, can be gifted any number of ways. The lovingly handcrafted corks make great bows on bottles or as tree ornaments. They can also be gifted as stocking stuffers or used as home decor around the house. No matter what you decide, there’s no feeling like giving (or receiving) a present made purely with love.

If you enjoy crafty Christmas projects, try making these Homemade Wine Cork Bells that add a festive touch to your door and decor.

Creating a homemade holiday gift has never been this beautiful, or this delicious!

Get crafting with our instructions below.


What you will need: 

  • Adhesive of choice
  • Corks (11 to make a tree or 13 for a star)
  • Twine
  • Small eye-screw
  1. Set the corks in the shape you are creating (tree or star) and then separate the corks in to sections or horizontal lines based on the design
  2. Using your adhesive of choice, start gluing the corks of the longest sections together (i.e. the base of the tree’s triangle)
  3. As that section is drying, start on the next section 
  4. Repeat until all the corks are glued in each section, then start gluing the sections together for the final shape
  5. For the tree trunk, glue the last piece in the center so it can stand on its own if you want it as a standing table decoration
  6. We have chosen to leave the corks unpainted, but you can paint and decorate as you see fit
  7. Screw the eye screw in to the center of the top cork and tie some twine to make a loop for hanging
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