Morning #MeTime: Simple Pleasures for Early Risers

Morning #MeTime: Simple Pleasures for Early Risers

As daylight saving time comes to an end, now is the time to make the most out of that extra hour of morning light—we’re looking at you, early risers! Before the rush of the day gets underway, remix your AM routine with these special moments of #MeTime.

Fit in a Morning Workout

If you’re the type of person who can’t seem to find the time to exercise during the day, try fitting in a workout routine when you first get up. A “good morning” run or some simple yoga poses are so much more enjoyable at sunrise.

Enjoy a New Brew

Coffee drinkers, comfort in a cup of joe at dawn to begin the day with a burst of delicious energy. Looking for a refresh on your caffeine fix? Try seasonal flavors (hello, pumpkin spice!) or adding creamy steamed milk to your mug.

Read & Relax

Ever notice how quiet and peaceful the early mornings are? Take advantage of that coveted silence by catching up on reading—books, magazines, the news, or even those guilty-pleasure tabloids—this time is all about you.

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